Big Marketing Results for Small Businesses

Evergreen Direct has always been known for results. Big results.

Home runs, 4-baggers, big-returns, ringing the bells and other analogies that connote big results.

We help small businesses better understand who they are, why anyone should care, and carry that to providing their customers with excellent experiences that repeat and repeat.

Examples: we help take one gardening products company from $1.5 million to over $20 million in 3 1/2 years. For another firm: we improved response rates by over 300%. Yet another: increased ROI as much as 350%.

We like and work with the usual or unusual, providing interesting and action-oriented marketing using many different channels– ads, web sites, landing pages, social media, email marketing, basic referral marketing–and making them work together with consistent messaging across all.

Some call this integrated or cross-channel marketing but we call it good business sense, and how to best stretch your marketing dollar. We are very efficient, and happen to be especially good for businesses whose customer base is partially or entirely geared to the various segments of the Baby Boomer and Senior population. Every generational cohort has a language of its own, and we know how to speak it well to these groups.

We are about blending creativity with results, inspiration with accountability whether the development of new marketing programs, fixing ones that are broke, renovating others where the results are just tired.

Oh, yes, we have worked with start-ups, small-, medium-size and Fortune 500 companies but are now working mostly with smallish companies. Since “small” is a relative term, give us a holler and let’s figure out if Evergreen and you might hit some home runs together!